Curriculum Vitae


  • Ed.D. – Boston University, 1996, Literacy, Language and Cultural Studies
  • B.A./M.A. – Tilburg University, 1990, Linguistics and Literature Studies

Key Professional Appointments

Professor, University of Florida, School of Teaching and Learning, 2014-Present

Assistant/Associate Professor, University of Florida, School of Teaching and Learning, 2001-2014

Assistant Director, Bilingual/ESL programs (K-12), Framingham, Massachusetts, 1997-2001

Activities & Honors

2013                Award for Excellence in Research on Bilingual Education (ATDLE)

2012 -2015      B.O. Smith Research Professor

2008-2011       Board of Directors, TESOL International

2010-2013       Member, Editorial Board, Bilingual Research Journal

2010-current   Board Member, SSTESOL

Grant Funded Projects

de Jong., E.J., Coady, M., & Harper (July 2007 – July 2014). Principal Investigator. Developing English Language and Literacy through Teacher Achievement (Project DELTA). ($1,107,771). Funding agency: U.S. Department of Education. T195N070016

de Jong, E.J. (May 2011-May 2012). Academic language input in linguistically diverse classrooms. ($8,000). Funding Agency: The UF College of Education Research Incentive Fund. Project #00077138

de Jong, E.J. (August 2009 – 2010). Principal Investigator. Equity in education: Scaffolding for peer interaction in linguistically heterogeneous classrooms. ($40,000). Spencer Foundation.

de Jong, E.J., (August 2009-August 2010).  Multilingualism research project. ($20,000). Funding Source: UF Faculty Enhancement Opportunity fund.

de Jong, E.J. (May 2006- May 2007). Principal Investigator. Student and teacher experiences in a secondary two-way immersion program ($3,000). Funding agency: The UF College of Education Research Incentive Fund.

Selected Publications

Coady, M., de Jong, E. J.,&  Harper, C. A. (2011). Preservice to practice: Mainstream teacher beliefs of preparation and efficacy with English language learners in the state of Florida. Bilingual Research Journal 34(2), 223-239.

de Jong, E.J. (in press). Preparing mainstream teachers for multilingual classrooms, Association of Mexican American Educators Journal, Anticipated publication date Fall 2013.

de Jong, E.J. (2013). Policy discourses and U.S. language in education policies.  Peabody Journal of Education, 88 (1), 98-111.

de Jong, E.J. (2010). From models to principles: Implementing quality schooling for ELLs. In Li, G., & Edwards, P. (Eds.), Best practices for ELLs. (189-206). New York: Guilford Press.

de Jong, E.J. (2011). Foundations for Multilingualism in Education: From Principles to Practice. Philadelphia, PA: Caslon Inc.

de Jong, E.J. (2012). Teacher discourse and peer interaction in linguistically diverse classrooms. In: Bogum, Y. & Kim, H. (Eds.), Teachers’ Roles in Second Language Learning: Classroom Applications of Sociocultural Theory. (pp. 191-212). Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

de Jong, E.J., & Bearse, C.I. (2012).  Dual Language programs as a strand within a secondary school: Dilemmas of school organization and the TWI mission. International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 1-17.

de Jong, E.J., & Bearse, C. (2011) The same outcomes for all? High school students reflect on their two-way immersion program experiences. In: Christian, D., Tedick, D., & Fortune, T. (Eds.), Immersion Education: Pathways to bilingualism and beyond. (104-122). Clevedon, United Kingdom: Multilingual Matters.

de Jong, E.J., Arias, B., & Sánchez, M.T. (2010). Undermining teacher competencies: Another look at the impact of restrictive language policies. Gándara, P., & Hopkins, M.(Eds.), Forbidden Language:  English Learners and Restrictive Language Policies. (pp. 118-138). New York: Teachers College Press.

de Jong, E.J., & Freeman, R. (2010). Bilingual approaches. Leung, C. and Creese, A. (Eds.) English as an Additional Language: Approaches to Teaching Linguistic Minority Students. (pp.108 – 122) London: SAGE.

de Jong, E.J., Harper, C.A., & Coady, M. (2013). Enhanced knowledge and skills forelementary mainstream teachers of English language learners. Theory into Practice, 52 (2), 89-97.

Dubetz, N., & de Jong, E.J. (2011).  Teacher advocacy in bilingual programs. Bilingual Research Journal, 34 (3), 248-262.

Harper, C. A., & de Jong, E. J. (2009). English language teacher expertise: The elephant in the room. Language and Education, 23(2), 127-151.

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